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The experience of a present day tantric combined with the experiences of her Guru and mentor this book provides the reader with an insight into the world of Tantra and its application in the contemporary world....

Title : Diary of A Tantric Priestess
Author :
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ISBN : 8177692062
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Pilgrims Book House December 15, 2003
Number of Pages : 261 pages
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Diary of A Tantric Priestess Reviews

  • M T
    2019-03-22 13:08

    For those wanting to read on a preistess trained in tantra.This isnt that book.The author isnt a preistess.How does parroting spiritual ideas and having sex with any and everybody amount to a tantra preistess?She even has unprotected sex with somebody whose body is infected with hiv.Very dangerous!The similar to daoist techniqes her husband uses are well known to increase and circulate life force.Therefore increasing the odds of healing from various challenges.However daoist and religious tantra traditionaly have no orgasm.A very difficult practice.Therefore getting the benifit of sex and celibacy at the same time.Celibacy in that regard meaning no orgasms.She doesnt mention that some well known spiritualy evolved lamas.Say even in old age they are not pure enough for traditional tantric religious sex practices.She parrots alot of spiritual ideas.That and selling india/ tibetan and other body types is very common .To sell a worthless even dangerous spiritual idea or ideas.There are great beings with all sorts of body types.The author and her husband are not genuine mystics or his guru.Be aware of get something for nothing spiritual sales pitches.Life and death are very serious.Purify thyself and try to do alot of good and none bad.Dont get lost in new age spiritual ideas like those in this book.It is noble her husband wanted enlightenment and made effort.Perhaps it is his karma-destiny to have sex with those in need of healing.However sex alone is no path.To have sex with a genuine mystic can be healing.However there is no genuine mystic mentioned in this book.So i end where i began.This book has nothing to do with tantra or preistess.I ripped this book up.I wouldnt feel comfortable giving it or selling it to anybody.

  • Amy Shackelford
    2019-04-12 21:20

    A wonderful book - I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting, then read it all the way through again! Of course I loved it - it is the best read I have ever had, and my favourite read of the year. I give it ten out of ten - a five star read! It is so accessible, so easy to read, so clear and very understandable. I am recommending it to everyone I meet - and cant wait to read the next one!